Andrew Paul Skoda (b. 1993, Illinois) is an artist who splits his time between living and working in Austin, Texas and Chicago, Illinois. He spends too much time waxing poetic about the potential of images and their physical or representational limitations. His work is centered around scrutinizing the associations and links between photography, understanding, and memory. Subverting the romantic documentary mode, Andrew exploits photography’s distinct capacity for narrative and punctuality to transpose a subjective, fragmented, and re-contextualized understanding of the crumbling infrastructure and shifting industrial culture in the United States. He is deeply interested in the psychology of image-making, and particularly seeks to better grasp the inner-workings of how we recognize and associate with images, our environments, and those around us.

Curriculum Vitae



-Painted Hooves, VAC at UT Austin


-Mirror Drama, VAC at UT Austin


- Aviary Gallery Online Exhibition: L'appel Du Vide


- Columbia College Chicago Senior Thesis Exhibition


- Columbia College Chicago Photographic Seminar Pop-Up Show

- Columbia College Chicago Experimental Techniques In Photography Pop-Up Show

- Columbia College Chicago Documentary Book Pop-Up Show

- Columbia College Chicago Constructed Image Pop-Up Show


- Columbia College Chicago Documentary Methods Pop-Up Show


- 21st annual Hokin Honors Exhibition


Columbia College, Chicago - BA in Photography, Fine Arts


- 2nd Prize,  21st Annual Hokin Honors Exhibition

- Recipient, Anderson Ranch Scholarship

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